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The Power of Scaffolding's Live Templates in Atlassian Confluence

Posted by Ted Mahsun on December 04, 2014

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Take Advantage of Scaffolding's Live Templates for Atlassian Confluence

Save time and avoid mistakes by automatically updating Confluence templates

by Ted Mahsun (@tedmahsun)

Ever had to create multiple new pages with identical layout/format and similar content?

Sure, you could create a global template, but if you have to make a minor edit to the template after implementing multiple pages it would not be reflected in all the pages that used the same global template. You would have to edit each page one by one. And you would have to repeat the process every time you make a new change to the template.

Scaffolding can make your life easier with the Live Template macro.

Live Templates are dynamic templates that you only need to edit once, and the changes are reflected automatically across all the pages that use that template. No extra action required.

Creating a Live Template is easy and only involves 4 simple steps:

  1. Create a global template.
  2. Type {live-template} on an empty page.
  3. Edit the live-template macro and enter the name of the global template you created in Step 1.
    • confluence scaffolding
  4. Save the page and you're done!

Now every time you edit the global template, every page on your Confluence instance with the live-template set to that global template will automatically include the changes.

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