How to Easily Create a Team Homepage in Confluence

Posted by Subatra Veeriah on January 18, 2021

Since teams and their projects are often spread across multiple Confluence pages and spaces, it can be difficult for stakeholders to easily track progress.  Solve this problem by using the Team Homepage Template -- part of our new portfolio of Easy Dynamic Templates. Create a holistic, one-page overview that provides a framework for key information such as team members, project status, deliverables, success highlights and more. Accomplish more in a shorter time by allowing team members to create, collaborate, and organize all their team's work in one place.

create Team Dashboard in Confluence with scaffolding templates

Team Homepage by Easy Dynamic Templates

Scaffolding Forms & Templates’ portfolio of predefined templates has a simple solution to view your team dynamics on a single live page. Team Homepage template will help both big and small teams, with a single view of all team member details. 

Scaffolding's extensive array of macros easily captures Confluence data like usernames, roles, pictures, and even a small introduction of the team. From there, you can make easy and simple adjustments to the template like adding team members' availability during upcoming holidays. Capture live data via pick lists, drop-down menus, checkboxes, and more.  Arrange fields on the page to create the look you want.

Want to Make a more Powerful Template Dashboard for your Organization?

Here are some templates that can be a good addition to your team's Dashboard on top of your newly created Team Homepage.

  • Meeting notes template
    • Create meeting notes to review decisions and assign actions to team members. This assures all stakeholders can progress with a single agreed-upon objective.
    • Add agendas upfront directly from here. During the meeting add all discussion points and actions.
    • Weekly meeting notes is a related template that can be a perfect companion to team standups.
    • Make every meeting productive and avoid redundant discussions in recurring meetings by capturing meeting agendas and notes.

create Team Dashboard in Confluence with scaffolding templates

  • On-boarding template
    • Welcome new team members and give them a clear map of the journey ahead.
    • Include the onboarding exercises, documentation, and links that your new members will need.

create Team Dashboard in Confluence with scaffolding templates

  • To-do list template
    • A personal favorite which exemplifies organizational excellence
    • To-do list that captures, categorizes, and prioritizes tasks

create Team Dashboard in Confluence with scaffolding templates

Wondering how to get started? Simply review our Live Demo of the Team Dashboard then start by introducing each of the required recipes into your instance. 

Once your Team Homepage is in place, use the Team Dashboard template to bring your team experience to a whole new level.

To learn more about using templates in Confluence, check out our How to Easily Create Templates in Confluence and Improve Content Structure blog.



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