Teams Collaborate in Workplace and Get Work Done in Jira. It's Time to Connect Them.

Posted by Gretchen Pawloski with Connie Blaszczyk on August 03, 2020

With Connector for Workplace & Jira, team members easily stay on top of Jira projects within the context of Workplace.

Jira and Workplace play unique roles in your company’s commitment to digital transformation. Jira is where projects move from concept to completion. Workplace is where vital information is shared, discussions evolve and collaboration happens. Yet too often, valuable information and ideas shared in Jira are lost to people who live in Workplace, resulting in misalignment across teams.

Workplace and Jira connnector

Now there’s a way to increase transparency and visibility between your Workplace and Jira users while reducing information overload. Connector for Workplace & Jira by ServiceRocket unites the collaborative power of Workplace with the get-work-done power of Jira. Connector for Workplace & Jira provides the structure you need to ensure everyone has visibility into Jira processes, even team members who don’t work in Jira every day.

Workplace and Jira Connector

Initially developed for ServiceRocket’s own internal use, Connector for Workplace & Jira creates a communication process that centralizes conversations between platforms. This powerful tool is designed to improve collaboration and keep projects aligned, both across and within teams. Here’s how it works.

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Better Structure Improves Efficiency

When multiple Chats are created around a single Jira issue, key individuals are often left out. That makes it difficult to track projects. Connector for Workplace & Jira establishes one chat around a single Jira issue. With Jira One Chat, conversations are centralized, so team members easily find what they need, while minimizing lost information.

Workplace and Jira Connnector

Greater Visibility into Jira Data

Lengthy Chats that address multiple Jira issues often bury important details. Connector for Workplace & Jira displays key Jira information in Workplace, including current status, assignee and new comments. With Jira Issue Links, team members gain greater transparency and context into Jira projects, without leaving Workplace.


Collaboration that Supports Compliance

Collaboration creates better outcomes. With Privacy & Permissions Rules, Connector for Workplace & Jira preserves privacy and permissions in Workplace Chat as they were created in Jira. Users are free to share information within a structure that supports better corporate compliance.

Workplace and Jira Connector

Prioritize Key Information

In the flow of conversation, important details can easily be overlooked. Connector for Workplace & Jira’s Filters allows users to index information and give key details better visibility. That allows team members to get up to speed on Jira issues more efficiently.

Workplace and Jira Connector


Connector for Workplace & Jira is backed by ServiceRocket’s responsive, global tech support. Their expertise will help you quickly answer questions and move past roadblocks, especially during evaluation and implementation.

The Connector for Workplace and Jira needs to be installed as a custom Workplace app. Contact us to learn more about this product and your installation options.

Create better alignment between the platforms your teams use to drive innovation. 

Connector for Workplace Jira


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