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CustomWare Joins NetworkedHelpDesk.org

Posted by admin on Jun 7, 2011 2:02:06 AM

CustomWare Joins NetworkedHelpDesk.org to Create an Alliance for Seamless Communication Across Partners and Suppliers

NetworkedHelpDesk.org Delivers an Open Standard for Better Customer Service

SAN FRANCISCO, June 7, 2011 – CustomWare today joined industry partners to announce NetworkedHelpDesk.org, an initiative to create seamless communication among multiple partners and suppliers to deliver an unprecedented customer experience. Organizations with multiple partners, suppliers or departments typically use disparate systems to perform tasks such as project management, customer relationship management, or customer support.

The NetworkedHelpDesk.org initiative provides a uniform way to connect these disparate systems for seamless collaboration. To date there has not been a way to efficiently collaborate across multiple organizations or systems. Now, the open application programming interface (API) developed by the alliance makes it easier to deliver an ecosystem of products that can cooperate around tickets, business processes and organizational workflows.

"CustomWare developed the first implementation of the NetworkedHelpDesk API's by connecting Atlassian JIRA and Zendesk together, and we look forward to using this standard in the future to connect other leading technologies together." CustomWare CEO/Founder - Rob Castaneda.

NetworkedHelpDesk.org currently supported by Atlassian, Coherence Design, Connect2Field, CustomWare, Freshbooks, GroundWork, New Relic, OTRS, PagerDuty, Pervasive, Pivotal Tracker, Rypple, Service Now, SugarCRM, Twilio, Wildbit, and Zendesk. Software developers that develop products such as ticketing systems, bug trackers, knowledge bases, customer relationship management software, and more, are invited to join by going to NetworkedHelpDesk.org.

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