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Graduating our Open Source Plugins to Commercial

Posted by Dan Luebke on Dec 15, 2011 9:04:02 AM

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A note from our CEO, Rob Castaneda to users of our popular Open Source plugins:

Our free open source plugins have had hundreds of thousands of downloads and are now set to move to the next level. We want to support them better and ensure that we have the right resources behind them to ensure that they are updated regularly.

I wanted to share more with you on where we are up to, our challenges, thoughts and our path forward. One of our core company values is Talk Straight.


We're going to commercialize some of the plugins. We know that many of our customers want components that are:

  • cost effective
  • work reliably
  • are well documented
  • are well supported
  • are updated *quickly* when Atlassian releases new versions

We also realize that thousands of people use these components, and so putting an enterprise-level price tag on them would not be appropriate.

Our Pricing

Many commercial plugin developers and Atlassian partners have experienced pain in this area. We have a great platform and ecosystem, but we all get the "Confluence is only $X, and your product is almost as expensive". But I doubt that anyone would call up a web development company and say "Hey - LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) is free, why do we pay you for your time?"

We're keeping the pricing simple and Composition Plugin will be out shortly and it is priced at $99 for small instances and $199 for large (500+ users). Pricing is an annual subscription. Pricing for Reporting and Scaffolding will likely be similarly priced (we're awaiting feedback/sales data from Composition). We need to be commercially viable, we need to be cheap. We're aiming for the middle ground.

Where are we up to? What is the priority?

Composition is going through it's final stages of QA and we're now working solidly on the others - Redirect, Reporting, Scaffolding etc. We are pushing hard to get Reporting completed in December or early January.

Where we need your help!

This is a big change for us and there are lots of loose ends. We'll have some gaps, but where we do please point them out to us in a positive, constructive way and help support the community that is based upon the same values upon which we run our company. If they are show-stoppers, let us know so that we can prioritize appropriately. We'll do our best.

Our Commitment

If our pricing has to change over time we'll be open, honest and fair. For example, if we decide to have a package deal for the components and you've already purchased them separately we'll ensure that you'll get credited appropriately.

What about free licenses?

We operate for a profit but appreciate the strong community that Atlassian has developed. We will provide free licenses for the community but will ask for something in return: a case study, a facebook recommendation, a twitter recommendation etc.

Finally, on behalf of the ServiceRocket (formerly CustomWare) team I would like to thank you for your support and energy in helping us make the transition of these components so that everyone can benefit. We're excited, confident as well as little anxious - which to me is the right balance for an exciting journey. Thanks.

Please join the conversation at our Get Satisfaction Community.

Rob and the CustomWare team.

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