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Graduation Sale - Save up to 50%

Posted by admin on Dec 16, 2011 7:09:53 AM

We've just graduated the first of our Open Source plugins to a Commercial Plugin - the Composition Plugin! It's available now from the Atlassian Plugin Exchange and you can get a key from our web store. Scaffolding and Reporting are in progress and are due for release in calendar quarter 1, 2012

Here's how we're helping you make the transition:

1. New-for-Renewal Pricing until June 1

For the first 6 months, all new licenses are priced at the renewal rate. Which means you can hop straight in at the maintenance rate. Saving you 50% off the bat.

2. Bundle Pricing

If you buy all 3 of our Confluence Plugins, we'll give you 10% off.

3. Do it before December January 31, and you'll get a further 40% off!

Up until December January 31, you can buy licenses for all 3 plugins and we'll up the 10% to 40% off. The pre-release bundle includes all three plugins and we'll reset the maintenance date from when all plugins have been released.

To take advantage of this offer, simply add all three plugins to your shopping cart - the discount will be automatically added before you checkout!

Congratulations Composition, Scaffolding & Reporting on your graduation! You've done us proud and we look forward to watching you grow your careers!








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