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CustomWare is now ServiceRocket

Posted by Rob Castaneda on May 15, 2013 10:00:11 PM

I am very pleased to announce today that CustomWare has now become ServiceRocket. We’re excited to be moving into the next stage of our journey. I wanted to take this opportunity to explain why we made the change and what it means to you.

Why ServiceRocket? Quite simply, because CustomWare didn't capture the essence of our company. We have a deep passion for service and we have always believed in the power of service to accelerate the adoption and consumption of software within an enterprise. We believe ServiceRocket better matches our passion as a company.

Why now? Because we have built a lot of momentum over the past several years. We established our new headquarters in Palo Alto and we're now gearing up to become a lot more visible in terms of promoting our services offerings to both software companies and enterprises. The timing was right.

What does this mean to me (our customers and partners)? In terms of existing contracts, nothing changes. In terms of our dedication to providing the industry's best support, training and implementation services, nothing changes. You will, however, start to see some new offerings that we previously didn’t market:

For Developers: a more extensive set of connectors and plugins and more training courses. Make sure to bookmark the ServiceRocket Marketplace and check back often for new releases.

For Enterprises: more support, training and implementation services built around our partner's solutions like Atlassian Confluence, JIRA and Zendesk. We will also be rolling out service offerings for other fast growing software companies popular in the enterprise today. Stay tuned for additional announcements.

For Software Companies: a richer set of support, training and implementation services aimed at helping you accelerate your services businesses while freeing up more of your internal resources to focus on innovation and building great products. Make sure to check out the Services section of our new website for details.

Where can I learn more?
1. Visit the new ServiceRocket website
2. Visit the ServiceRocket marketplace
3. Read my blog post about our journey

Thanks and we look forward to serving you.

Rob Castaneda
CEO, ServiceRocket

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