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Interviews with ServiceRocket Founder and CEO Robert Castaneda

Posted by Dan Luebke on Apr 14, 2014 1:40:29 AM

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ServiceRocket CEO was recently interviewed by Digital News Asia from our Kuala Lumpur office. The talks covered a series of topics including start-ups, entrepreneurship, tech growth and software training and support.

"Our support guys are our gladiators" - Digital News Asia

dna_logo“It comes down to good training support, and deployment services, and that’s what we focus our niche on doing as a company."

“In our company, our support guys – and our trainers – are our gladiators and our heroes. They’re running the business and flying the flag.”

“We take care of software companies, and by taking care of them, we help them communicate with their customers and deploy their software. That’s a very unique model, because most other companies will either do one or the other: They’d be a large systems integrator, which is a very boring place to work – you’re just one of the droids – or you’d try and work with the software companies, but you’d have to be in Silicon Valley to do that.

...So we said, ‘Let’s build the services department – the training and support, all of the tasks that go underneath what they call ‘customer success’ now – let’s build that, outside of the software companies. Just like Salesforce.com is the platform for sales, we take care of customer success – because if we can help customers ‘eat’ more software, we would provide more money to the software companies.”

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"I don’t think I even knew how to spell entrepreneur" - Malay Mail

malay mail"I didn’t start the company thinking about business opportunities. I started the company with a genuine passion to help people get the most out of their software."

“And what I see is a lot of young kids who have passion and knowledge in a certain area, but they get shoehorned into a programme, and they think that that programme is the definition of success… because there’s no other measuring stick... building a company with values and a foundation is not what they think about.”

“It’s taken me 13 years — and a whole lot of hair — to build ServiceRocket and everything else that goes with it."

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