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Welcome Ray Bradbery, the New VP of Enterprise at ServiceRocket

Posted by Bill Cushard on Jun 18, 2014 2:00:00 AM

by Bill Cushard, (@BillCush)

There are people who are smart, and then there are people who know what they are doing. Smart people do great work, but people who know what they are doing make things happen, and take organizations to the next level. Ray Bradbery (not that one, this one) knows what he is doing.

Ray joins ServiceRocket as VP of Enterprise to lead our global implementation business out of our Sydney office. Leveraging his experience growing revenue at Borland Software and running IT departments at the senior executive and CIO levels at Australia's largest bank, Ray is already making his mark at ServiceRocket by building up our enterprise software group and speaking with our largest enterprise customers, at a strategic level, about how they can transform their businesses with software.

If you ask Ray what the highlight of his time at Borland was, he will say it was the day he hired a young Robert Castaneda.

Wait what?!

You read that correctly.

Seventeen years ago, Ray hired Rob and three months ago, Rob hired Ray. Bringing these two tech industry pros together is significant for two reasons. First, the timing is right. Ray joins at a time when ServiceRocket is at the beginning of climbing to the next level, and Ray will be a large part of making that happen. Second, because Rob and Ray know each other so well, it is a strong cultural fit.

So, when you combine Ray's experience, the timing of him joining ServiceRocket, and the strong cultural fit, you get an addition to the leadership team that will help ServiceRocket make a giant leap forward in the quest to delight customers and help people consume more software.

Welcome Ray!

rayThe opportunity to work with Rob again was too good to pass up. Rob and I had an instant connection at Borland and I have stayed in close contact with him as he has grown ServiceRocket from a one man band to the multinational business it now is. One look at ServiceRocket's customer base and meeting the great ServiceRocket team it wasn't a hard decision to join and after three months I don't regret the decision.

- Ray Bradbery, VP of Enterprise at ServiceRocket

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