Welcome Learndot to the ServiceRocket Family

Posted by Rob Castaneda on Jan 21, 2015 1:10:00 AM

Training is Customer Success.

We’ve always believed that the pathway to success is training.

Since beginning in 2001, we’ve been helping software companies deliver great training to their customers. Back then, training courses were 5 days in length, with thick textbooks, hours of coding and great lunch time chats.

These days, training is even more important. It is Customer Success. Customers need to learn fast. You need them to learn at anytime, anyplace and in a variety of formats. It’s pretty obvious that customers who can learn more will be more successful and self-sufficient - the industry is waking up to this simple fact.

Last year, we released the Enterprise Software Training Maturity Model, and in it we describe the four stages that a training department evolves through. Reacting, Performing, Scaling & Optimizing. As a company, our solutions, which include our flagship platform - TrainingRocket covered well the more mature end of the spectrum. For software companies that we spoke to that were at the earlier stages of the model, or that wanted a simple self-service approach to training we referred them to our friends at Learndot.

We love Learndot. What Paul, Joe and their team have built is simply beautiful. It allows anyone to setup a learning academy in 5 minutes (I did it internally as a test - 4:48 seconds to be exact!). As time went on, we fell in love with the simplicity of Learndot, its great user experience and today we’re proud to announce that Learndot is now part of the ServiceRocket family.

It’s exciting for us. Our goal is to be the way that software companies look towards to teach their customers how to get the most out of their software. Indeed, we’ve built training courses and departments for companies like Atlassian, Box & Zendesk. Taught over 100,000 students. Companies like Cloudera, MuleSoft, GoodData, Pentaho, Mirantis, NGINX and Couchbase use our TrainingRocket platform to help tens of thousands of students get more out of their software each week.

We’re excited about the next stage of our journey and helping our customers to build out their scalable learning academies. Whether you’re a startup with a few trial customers or a global enterprise - we’re the one company that can help you scale your customer education.

I encourage you to visit Learndot.com and sign up for a free trial and let us know what you think. We have a series of innovations, announcements and enhancements already on the way but are always hungry for more!

Rob Castaneda

ServiceRocket Founder/CEO

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