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ServiceRocket Moves To A New Office Space in Chile, Plus Farewell to SmartBoxTV

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by Ruiza Cruz and Sarah E. Brown

In 2013, two of our team members arrived in “The City of The Island Hills” with a vision: to set up our first-ever office in Santiago, Chile. Shortly after joining the team in Santiago to help launch the new office, CEO Robert Castaneda returned from a local meetup with exciting news: SmartBoxTV had offered ServiceRocket space at their office--and they spoke English!

It was great news, indeed. And the rest is history! We’ve spent many hours alongside the wonderful SmartBoxTV team, and are grateful for the role they played in our early journey in Santiago.

ServiceRocket and SmartBoxTV in Santiago, Chile

ServiceRocket says goodbye to SmartBoxTV

Two years later, ServiceRocket has moved out of the SmartBoxTV office and into our own beautiful new office in Barrio Italia to accommodate our growing team. Our new 1600-square-foot (150-square-meter) office space enables us to accommodate local meetups, events and more for the community.

We’re grateful to our friends at SmartBox TV who have always been generous and helpful to us, welcoming us to Santiago and helping us as we’ve built our team here. They have treated us like family from the start, and we are grateful that they have been part of what we’ve built.

The new ServiceRocket Office in Santiago, Chile

Our new office in Santiago, Chile!

Here’s to the next phase of our journey in Santiago -- and a big thanks to SmartBoxTV for the role they’ve played in helping us build it.

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