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Why I Chose ServiceRocket...Values

Posted by Adeline Ng on Jun 18, 2015 9:48:00 AM

by Adeline (Hooi Ling) Ng

I started my career in HR over 15 years ago. I chose HR because I believe that it is where I can make an impact on people, culture and growth.

My 15 years has not been all glory. During my career I have experienced:

  • Bosses who expected me to lie when an employee lodged a complaint with the labour office of unjust termination.
  • Companies that are so process-oriented that they are blind to improvements, because it was not according to the process.
  • Bosses that are so business-focused that they forget it’s their people that made them successful.
  • Overly political work environments that impede work productivity and business innovation.

It was pretty obvious that these environments did not match my principles, passions, or  beliefs. I did not last very long in these companies.

Taking a Chance on a Young Company

Six years ago, I decided to take a chance with a (then) young company called ServiceRocket. At the time, ServiceRocket was a small new IT Services company in Kuala Lumpur. It was refreshing and nice for me as this is the first company that empowers me to make changes and improvements as I see fit without the many levels and long approval process. We had a very lean structure. Here I have felt respected and valued from day one.

I truly feel that I can make an impact here. I love the fact that bosses are very supportive and the focus is on employees' growth. Our every move and decisions are guided by our core values. Everyone is aligned by these values. We focus to deliver outcomes that delight the customer through strong teamwork, talking straight and sharing our knowledge.

Thinking Team and Focusing on the Outcome Guides a Supportive Culture

Our hiring process is also guided by our values. We only hire people with great values and fit into our culture. We have rejected people with great technical skills but who lack the values we look for. We have awesome people and a great culture, high in trust and respect.

Someone once told me my eyes sparkle when I talk about ServiceRocket. Yes, that is true. How many people can truly say that when they have a hard time delivering results the CEO says, "Let me know if you are not getting the support you need.” And the COO says "How can I help?" Colleagues across the globe ping to offer help and the marketing team chips in with plans and programs to help. I feel blessed to have such an awesome team.

I'm not afraid to admit I've dropped the ball from time to time. When I do, I don't have to start finding excuses or a scapegoat to avoid bullets in my back. These scenarios of finger pointing are pretty common in some of my past companies but not here. At ServiceRocket, we get support, we refocus and we get it done. We think team and focus on the outcome – these are core values that we truly live and breathe everyday.

I've had a great journey here so far. We have grown to a size five times bigger than when I started. We may still be a small company but our values have guided us to various HR awards including a gold for Excellence in Employee Engagement and Asia Best Companies to Work For.  This is not all. I'm confident that we will make an even bigger impact in the industry soon. Our leadership team also has various recognition awards under their belts:

Robert Castaneda, Founder and CEO

CEO Rob Castaneda

Erin Rand, Chief Operating Officer

COO Erin Rand

Colleen Blake, VP of Marketing

VP of Marketing Colleen Blake

I'm really proud to be on this journey with such an awesome team. It makes me even prouder when HR professionals in the industry ask if there's a vacancy at ServiceRocket they can fill!

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