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Crossing the Chasm to Customer Success

Posted by Peter John Marquez on Jul 9, 2015 4:53:00 PM

ServiceRocket lands in Boston and brings its “Love Your Software” formula for Customer Success to the East Coast. 

25 local hardcore technology managers welcomed me to ServiceRocket and ServiceRocket to Boston last month, looking for answers on how they could get more out of their software and their investment in Agile – especially as applied to DevOps and the Atlassian Suite.

It was my 3rd day with the company, and fortunately, I wasn’t alone. A full team of Rocketeers from Palo Alto and Sydney were on hand to answer questions and share proven best practices that other companies are implementing to fully leverage their resources and explain how they have come to love their software.

Clients from as far away as New York took part and walked away with information they could apply to their work with the Atlassian Suite. It was a fantastic event and it put everyone on notice that ServiceRocket is committed to the East Coast and is growing its presence here.

Crossing the Chasm like a Rocket

In addition to expanding its success with Atlassian, ServiceRocket is building its East Coast presence to assist rapidly-growing companies -- and the enterprises that implement their technology – to Cross the Chasm to Customer Success.

At ServiceRocket, we help companies with breakthrough technologies such as Atlassian, Docker, NGINX and Puppet Labs succeed in the enterprise. We accomplish this by providing capabilities outside of their core product development focus – such as training, consulting, product add-ons and technical support – that enable people to love their software. We then apply these capabilities to share the love and help enterprise companies create competitive advantage.

So what does “Crossing the Chasm to Customer Success” really mean? And how does one “Love their Software?” Follow us on Twitter to get updates and more information.

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