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A Podcast by Bill Cushard on Oct 16, 2018 2:06:38 PM

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Jira Service Desk makes it easy to enable customers and support professionals to communicate with transparency. Chat for Jira Service Desk, offered by Spartez, makes it even easier. According to Pawel Mazur of Spartez, "Agents have all the functionality of Jira Service Desk and the customer has a cute UI of a chat." And in a world where everything is moving to messaging, Chat for Jira Service Desk changes everything. Pawel Mazur and Jacek Wizmur-Szymczak from Spartez join Lacey Carlyle on Nice Work! to talk about how to improve customer interactions with chat.

Having a chat UI is becoming an essential (some might say required) channel for customer support. More and more customers want instant access to our companies to get help. Messaging apps are by far the most popular apps on mobile phones and more and more people are expecting to use messaging (or some near-instantaneous chat solution) to communication with our companies. 

The problem for support organizations is that most chat solutions, while great for the customer, make the life of a support engineer more difficult. With a chat app, support agents have another tool that have to monitor. In addition to the Jira Service Desk queues. And when we are used to monitoring customer requests in Jira Service Desk, the last thing a support engineer wants to do is monitor another app for messages. 

According to Jacek and Pawel, what makes things worse, is that there can be a scenario in which a customer might be sending message to chat AND submitting a request through the Jira Service Desk portal and talking to two different support agents. This is a bad experience for customers. It also makes life difficult for the support team...keeping track of two channels. 

You can imagine support agents screaming, "Let me stay in Jira Service Desk, please."

Out of internal arguments and a need to make support easier for customers, the team at Spartez created Chat for Jira Service Desk, essentially applying a chat UI to Jira Service Desk.

Brilliant! Now I can stay in Jira Service Desk and provide customers a chat solution.

Learn more about Spartez, Jacek, and Pawel:

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