The Season of Giving Sale: 25% off all plugins!

Posted by admin on Dec 10, 2012 12:40:40 AM

Just under 1 year ago we graduated our plugins from open-source to commercial. Since this milestone we’ve received an overwhelming amount of support from our customers. In January, we also announced that we’d provide free licenses for approved charities and we’re thrilled to share with you an important achievement - we’ve donated over $25,000 in free charity licenses.

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First milestone for charity support reached!

Posted by admin on Jul 31, 2012 2:55:48 AM

In just the first seven months of 2012 CustomWare is proud to announce we've reached our first milestone ($10,000) toward our goal of giving away $100,000 worth of software licenses to groups supporting worthy causes. The goal is to reach our target (which would mean more than 500 $199 vouchers) by 2014. Since January, we've given more than $12,000 to non-profits that have improved the strength of their Atlassian products by enabling our plugins and connectors to work hard for their organizations. In addition, community license holders have also reached out to CustomWare for discounts on our education services.

We take pride in promoting the efforts of these groups and we look forward to providing similar support to thousands of future causes.

Interested in learning more about our community license program? Follow the three steps below, or visit our guide for non-profits.

Step 1 - Evaluate a Plugin

Go to our web store and evaluate the plugins that you want to use. Add the evaluation license for your plugin to your cart and you'll get a 30 day evaluation key sent to you immediately.

Step 2 - Spread the word

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Reporting Plugin 4.0 is now released!

Posted by admin on Mar 6, 2012 3:37:20 AM

Our popular Reporting Plugin 4.0 for Atlassian Confluence has been released! The Reporting Plugin is one of the most essential Atlassian Plugins, with over 20,000 downloads. The new version is now compatible with Atlassian Confluence 4.0 and 4.1.

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CustomWare announces Community License program

Posted by admin on Jan 24, 2012 5:02:08 AM

We're excited to release our Community License program. Our plugins and components have been downloaded by ten's of thousands of users and many of these are Not-For-Profit organizations.

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Graduation Sale - Save up to 50%

Posted by admin on Dec 16, 2011 7:09:53 AM

We've just graduated the first of our Open Source plugins to a Commercial Plugin - the Composition Plugin! It's available now from the Atlassian Plugin Exchange and you can get a key from our web store. Scaffolding and Reporting are in progress and are due for release in calendar quarter 1, 2012

Here's how we're helping you make the transition:

1. New-for-Renewal Pricing until June 1

For the first 6 months, all new licenses are priced at the renewal rate. Which means you can hop straight in at the maintenance rate. Saving you 50% off the bat.

2. Bundle Pricing

If you buy all 3 of our Confluence Plugins, we'll give you 10% off.

3. Do it before December January 31, and you'll get a further 40% off!

Up until December January 31, you can buy licenses for all 3 plugins and we'll up the 10% to 40% off. The pre-release bundle includes all three plugins and we'll reset the maintenance date from when all plugins have been released.

To take advantage of this offer, simply add all three plugins to your shopping cart - the discount will be automatically added before you checkout!

Congratulations Composition, Scaffolding & Reporting on your graduation! You've done us proud and we look forward to watching you grow your careers!








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