Ep. 101 | Dave Derington and Adam Avramescu Customer Education is a Pillar of Customer Success

Customer Success has taken the world by storm. And customer education is a pillar of customer success, says Dave Derington, Director of User Enablement of Azuqua and Adam Avramescu, head of customer education and training at Checkr. Think about it. Customer success is all about figuring out how to keep customers happy and get them to use more of our products. If that is customer success in a nutshell, then Dave and Adam argue that customer education is the answer to those questions. Said another way. Education sells more product. It brings more customers back. It fosters loyalty. It gets customers excited about your product and your company. It builds community.  Customer education cannot solve all of your problems, but it can set customers up for success. 

We also talked about Dave and Adam's new podcast CELab: Customer Education Lab. It focuses on customer education and their first episode is about how to get started with customer education. Here is a link to the first episode.

Adam Avramescu of Slack on Help Sells Radio by ServiceRocket Media


Dave Derington of Azuqua on Help Sells Radio by ServiceRocket Media


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Bill Cushard

Written by Bill Cushard

Bill Cushard covers the intersection of learning, software adoption, and customer success. His career has focused on helping companies adopt disruptive software through learning, change management, communications, and implementations that help people get the most out the software.

Bill Cushard is also the author of the 2018 book, The Art of Agile Marketing: A Practical Roadmap for Implementing Kanban and Scrum in Jira and Confluence.