Ep. 101 | Dave Derington and Adam Avramescu Customer Education is a Pillar of Customer Success

Bill Cushard on Dec 19, 2018 3:28:00 PM Customer Education

Customer Success has taken the world by storm. And customer education is a pillar of customer success, says Dave Derington, Director of User Enablement of Azuqua and Adam Avramescu, head of customer education and training at Checkr. Think about it. Customer success is all about figuring out how to keep customers happy and get them to use more of our products. If that is customer success in a nutshell, then Dave and Adam argue that customer education is the answer to those questions. Said another way. Education sells more product. It brings more customers back. It fosters loyalty. It gets customers excited about your product and your company. It builds community.  Customer education cannot solve all of your problems, but it can set customers up for success. 

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Ep. 71 | Bill Cushard on how a Customer Education strategy can solve (almost) any business problem

Bill Cushard on Jun 8, 2018 9:00:00 AM Customer Education

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Ep. 42-46 The Business of Customer Education Episodes

In these special episodes of Helping Sells Radio, we share audio from the Business of Customer Education conference, which was co-located at the Gainsight Pulse Customer Success Conference in May 2017.

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Ep. 38 | Donna Weber Says You Can't Scale Customer Success Without Customer Education, And You Should Listen To Her

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Ep. 24 | Pat Durante of Black Duck Software and CEdMA on Software Adoption

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Ep. 23 | ServiceRocket CEO Rob Castaneda On Why Nothing Happens Until Someone Learns

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Ep. 10 | Building Customer Education Revenue Machines with Danielle Tomlinson of Plex Systems


Danielle Tomlinson

VP of Global Education

Plex Systems

In today's episode, we speak to Danielle Tomlinson, VP of Global Education at Plex Systems. Danielle has built education functions from scratch and built mature ones into optimized functions. At Business Objects, SAP, Hortonworks and other fast-growing software companies, Danielle has honed running a business education department to achieve outcomes like increased renewals and revenue. Hear her approach to customer education that helps customers while driving revenue.

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Ep. 4 | Adam Avramescu - Training at Optimizely


Adam Avramescu

Head of Customer Education


This week Adam Avramescu, Head of Customer Education at Optimizely, joins Helping Sells Radio to discuss optimizing web experiences. A/B testing, Bloom’s Taxonomy, how to educate customers on a product they don’t actually have to use (perish the thought), and what’s happening at the Bay area Customer Education MeetUp.

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Ep. 3 | Joshua Zerkel on Training at Evernote


Joshua Zerkel

Director of Worldwide Account Management and Training


Today's guest is Joshua Zerkel, Director of Worldwide Account Management and Training at Evernote and founder and CEO of Custom Living Solutions, one of the Bay Area’s premier productivity and organizing consulting firms. At Evernote, Joshua leads a global team and oversees all onboarding, training, retention, and customer success programs for new and existing Evernote business customers. Listen to learn how to help your company, your team and your customers to become more productive.

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Ep. 1 | What the Heck is Helping Sells Radio?

Hello everyone, and welcome to Helping Sells Radio, a podcast about helping customers discover, adopt, and thrive using your software. In this inaugural episode of Helping Sells Radio, co-hosts Sarah E. Brown and Bill Cushard talk about what Helping Sells Radio is, why we are doing a podcast, and what listeners can expect in upcoming episodes.

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