Ep. 4 | Adam Avramescu - Training at Optimizely


Adam Avramescu

Head of Customer Education


This week Adam Avramescu, Head of Customer Education at Optimizely, joins Helping Sells Radio to discuss optimizing web experiences. A/B testing, Bloom’s Taxonomy, how to educate customers on a product they don’t actually have to use (perish the thought), and what’s happening at the Bay area Customer Education MeetUp.

One of the main themes of our interview with Adam was around creating education programs for customers so they customers not only learn how to use the product, but also learn how to work differently using this product. Presumably, the product was purchased to help a customer achieve some outcome or do some type of work better or even perform an entirely new type of work. 

So we asked Adam how we educates customers on a product or job task that they don’t really even have to do. 

For starters, Adam talks about how Optimizely went through an exercises of defining buyer personas, which then informed him how he created education programs tailored to each persona using a wide range of education offerings from curated content to resources to formal learning programs. 

This includes Optimverse, Optimizely’s learning academy. 

One cool topic involved how Adam could show customer education was working when they showed support tickets dropping right after Optiverse was launched even as the number of customers grew. 


We also talked about other ways to measure the impact of customer education from learner satisfaction to reducing support tickets to product usage, renewal rates, and time to first value. 

We even did a little math. 


Near the end, you can listen to why Adam says, “I don’t teach people how to use Optimizely, I teach people how to be optimizers.” I paraphrased. 

Here is what he really said:  

And for those of you who are responsible for training your customers, you might want to join Adam’s Bay Area Customer Education MeetUp and attend a session or two.

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Sarah E. Brown and Bill Cushard

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