Ep. 29 | TrustRadius' Dailius Wilson On Why Telling the Truth is Great for Selling SaaS

This episode features Dailius Wilson, a Director at TrustRadius, a community of professionals sharing software reviews and best practices. Dailius is also an investor and strategic advisor to more than 65 companies around the word and founded his own startup in Sydney, making a list of 30 under 30 entrepreneurs in Australia. We talked to Dailius about how he's built his impressive career via a "helping sells" approach and why telling the truth is great for selling SaaS products.

Dailius Wilson of TrustRadius on Helping Sells Radio

Dailius Wilson


Dailius on the Ellen Show

On a bit of a side note, Dailius appeared on the Ellen Show. It is quite a story.

Truth Sells

Dailius says customers speaking on behalf of you will trump what you say as an organization; this is why referrals for sales matter so much. Get your customers to say they love you, and you're winning. Customer feedback at scale can be used to personalize messaging and deliver an ability to market top- and bottom-of funnel marketing messaging.

No one knows how to account-based market with the right content.

Dailus said we can do retargeting, but we don't all have the copy to create personalized messaging. Social proof and customer feedback is key to converting prospects. Make your existing customers into active sellers for you. B2B buyers are more educated than ever and have even shorter attention spans. Be personalized or else lose the opportunity.


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How to do better customer marketing? Get unbiased feedback through a stellar voice of the customer program

People don't see voice of the customer (VOC) programs as a pathway to ROI; they see demand gen and buying leads and filtering through those more. But if you can harness customers to speak more for you, it's invaluable. CRMs are critical; it's part of the way you do things – see VOC the same way. A customer-centric marketing and sales approach is simply a superior way to do business. People in SaaS companies are interested mostly in good feedback; but you need honest feedback more. Be proactive: before churn occurs, interview customers. Customer Success and marketing teams need to work with sales to elevate the social insights from companies.

Third-parties can be helpful for garnering better feedback from customers

On a platform like TrustRadius, there's a sense of peers helping peers make better decisions around tech. We like to help each other and people get a sense of satisfaction helping others avoid mistakes and enjoy successes they've discovered.

Sales can benefit from customer advocacy and voice of the customer

Sales should look at how you're solving pains of current customers and delivering a solution, then apply that to conversations with prospects. When the average rep at a SaaS company only stays for a few months, in a year you can't learn every single case study or time you've helped achieve results, so this is a way of spoon-feeding people in an industry highly susceptible to churn. 

Today's sales teams need to lead with specific value

SDR spam is getting flagged more and more. Actually focusing on problems that other companies have is the answer for SaaS sales in 2017. This is where VOC can help with sales prospecting and sales culture in educating people. Share third-party proof on helping people in similar roles and places; that's more powerful. 

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