Ep. 82 | Jeffrey Shaw Use Customer Lingo So They Show Up 80% Positioned

How well do you know your customers? Do you know their lingo? Do you use their lingo in your communication with them? Do you really? Jeffrey Shaw, author of the book Lingo: Discover Your Ideal Customer's Secret Language and Make your Business Irresistible, joins Helping Sells Radio to help us, help our customers say to themselves, "They so get me." One tactic Shaw suggests is for us to use self-identifying questions so a customer can screen themselves to us. He calls it to help "customers how up 80% positioned." Shaw explains, "When you know your customer so well you really embody their emotional triggers that you can pose questions in your marketing and on your website that ring so true for your ideal customers their typical response is "WOW! It's like your in my head." 

One of the ways you can learn your customers' lingo is to make a list of compliments you've heard from customers. This is what people are telling you about who they think you are. This allows you to speak your customers lingo ... to use the language they use to describe you.

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How to use your customers' lingo?

One of the questions I asked Jeffrey Shaw is, "Do you create the lingo or do you discover the lingo your customers already use?"

Maybe doesn’t matter

Here’s an example:

Slack, the workplace communications too, is winning because they use the lingo of customers. That lingo is “teams.” Shaw uses Slack. When he invites people into his Slack communities, he sometimes has to answer the question, “What is Slack?” After he does, some people respond, “Isn’t that like group text?” Shaw’s response is, “I don’t really now, but it’s way better than group text.” It’s better because Slack makes Shaw (and millions of others) feel like he is on a team. Slack uses the term “team,” and Shaw works on teams. Shaw calls it working on teams. Slack is using his lingo. Shaw uses Slack, not group text, to worth with his teams. 

That is using the lingo of your team.

"The ultimate compliment from a customer is when they say, 'It’s like you’re in my head,” explains Shaw. 

Maybe Slack is in his head. 

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