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Ep. 95 | Dave Duke and James Scott OMG! We're Talking Customer Outcomes

A Podcast by Bill Cushard on Oct 24, 2018 8:12:53 PM

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If you are a regular listener of Helping Sells Radio, you know that whenever we have a guest on the show to talk about customer success, pick challenge them (I'm putting that nicely here in the show notes) on the idea that customer success is really not yet about customer success and more about "our" success. I ask when are we going to change that and actually start talking about customer success. Well, we have two customer success guests on this episode, and they have an answer to the question. And the answer is: business outcome management. Dave Duke, Co-founder and Chief Customer Officer at MetaCX, and James Scott, General Partner of the Customer Success Practice at SuccessHacker explain that business outcome management is a core customer success competency (or should be) that provides a team a methodology for helping customers achieve business outcomes. 

 We are one step closer to living up to the promise of customer success as a discipline.

Learn more about Dave Duke:

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James Scott:

James Scott of SuccessHacker on Helping Sells Radio by ServiceRocket Media

Topics: Customer Success, SaaS, Software