Author: Sarah E. Brown and Bill Cushard

Ep. 15 | Gainsight Pulse Conference 2016 Special Edition

In this episode, Bill and Sarah take the audience to the Customer Success industry's premier conference, Gainsight Pulse Conference 2016. Guests interviewed include: MindTouch CEO Aaron Fulkerson, Cloudera VP Customer Success Sarah SproehnleWalkMe VP Customer Engagement Emilia D'Anzica, and Glide Consulting founders Nils Vinje and Alex McClafferty. Hear insiders' perspectives on the future of customer success and helping customers love your software.

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Ep. 14 | Aaron Ross: Don't Tell People What You Do, Tell Them How You Help

Sarah E. Brown and Bill Cushard on May 25, 2016 5:00:00 AM Sales

Aaron Ross joins Helping Sells Radio for Episode 14. Aaron, with co-author Jason Lemkin, recently published a new book, From Impossible to Inevitable: How Hyper-Growth Companies Create Predictable Revenue, which is a follow-up to the widely read and implemented book Predictable Revenue, which has been called the sales bible of Silicon Valley. Sarah and Bill talk to Aaron about two main topics. First, we talk about why we should not tell people what we do for a living, but describe how we help people. Second, we talk about the new book. 

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Ep. 13 | Catherine Blackmore On Whether Customer Success Should Help Accounts Or People

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Ep. 12 | Todd Eby On Why Achieving Real Customer Success is the Hardest Simple Thing to Do

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Ep. 11 | Geoffrey Moore: Organizing to Compete in an Age of Disruption

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Ep. 10 | Building Customer Education Revenue Machines with Danielle Tomlinson of Plex Systems


Danielle Tomlinson

VP of Global Education

Plex Systems

In today's episode, we speak to Danielle Tomlinson, VP of Global Education at Plex Systems. Danielle has built education functions from scratch and built mature ones into optimized functions. At Business Objects, SAP, Hortonworks and other fast-growing software companies, Danielle has honed running a business education department to achieve outcomes like increased renewals and revenue. Hear her approach to customer education that helps customers while driving revenue.

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Ep. 9 | Katie Rogers On Growing SalesLoft 2,000% While Helping Customers Succeed

Katie Rogers

Vp of Client Services


In this episode, we talk to Katie Rogers, VP of Client Services at SalesLoft. After admiring Katie's work from afar, Bill and Sarah met Katie at Gainsight Pulse Conference 2015. Katie joined us to talk about how she grew SalesLoft's customer success function from scratch during a period when the company grew 2,000%. Listen to learn how she did it while retaining her characteristic high energy and keeping sane.

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Ep. 8 | Ryan Battles, Author: Using Periscope for Business

Sarah E. Brown and Bill Cushard on Mar 21, 2016 2:37:29 PM marketing


Ryan Battles



Sarah and Bill started off the show talking about a recent a16z Podcast with the CEO of Optimizely, which reminded Sarah and Bill of the interview in Episode 4 with Adam Avremescu, the Head of Education from Optimizely. The a16z Podcast is a great podcast if you are into following distruptive technology and startups. 

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Ep. 7 | Tom Krackeler and Rachel English on Customer Success

Tom_Krackeler.jpg Rachel_English.jpg

Tom Krackeler

Senior Vice President of Products


Rachel English

Director of Customer Success


Today's episode features Tom Krackeler, Senior Vice President of Products at Zuora and Rachel English, Director of Customer Success at Zuora. Tom and Rachel joined us to discuss the future of Customer Success in the subscription economy. 

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Ep. 6 | Value Nurturing with Author Anne Janzer

Sarah E. Brown and Bill Cushard on Feb 17, 2016 1:18:15 PM marketing


Anne Janzer

Writer, Content Marketing Consultant, Author

In this episode, Anne Janzer, writer, content marketing consultant and author of Subscription Marketing: Strategies for Nurturing Customers in a World of Churn joins us to discuss lessons from working with a hundred technology companies and clients that include serial entrepreneurs, industry thought leaders, and technology pioneers. 

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Ep. 5 | Nils Vinje - Glide Consulting and Outcomes in Customer Success


Nils Vinje


Glide Consulting

This week Nils Vinje, founder of Glide Consulting, joins Helping Sells Radio to discuss where customer success is headed and how he helps SaaS companies build high performing customer success organizations. 

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Ep. 4 | Adam Avramescu - Training at Optimizely


Adam Avramescu

Head of Customer Education


This week Adam Avramescu, Head of Customer Education at Optimizely, joins Helping Sells Radio to discuss optimizing web experiences. A/B testing, Bloom’s Taxonomy, how to educate customers on a product they don’t actually have to use (perish the thought), and what’s happening at the Bay area Customer Education MeetUp.

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Ep. 3 | Joshua Zerkel on Training at Evernote


Joshua Zerkel

Director of Worldwide Account Management and Training


Today's guest is Joshua Zerkel, Director of Worldwide Account Management and Training at Evernote and founder and CEO of Custom Living Solutions, one of the Bay Area’s premier productivity and organizing consulting firms. At Evernote, Joshua leads a global team and oversees all onboarding, training, retention, and customer success programs for new and existing Evernote business customers. Listen to learn how to help your company, your team and your customers to become more productive.

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Ep. 2 | Lincoln Murphy - Gainsight and Evangelizing Customer Success


Lincoln Murphy

Customer Success Evangelist


In today's episode, we interview Lincoln Murphy, Gainsight Customer Success Evangelist and Founder of Sixteen Ventures. Lincoln, an expert in customer success and SaaS growth, shares about Gainsight's approach to helping customers at Gainsight and through consulting at Sixteen Ventures. Lincoln discusses Customer Success University (CSU), Gainsight's wildly popular Pulse Conference, and how he embraces a "helping sells" approach to enable SaaS companies to accelerate their growth across the Customer Lifecycle, from customer acquisition to retention.

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Ep. 1 | What the Heck is Helping Sells Radio?

Hello everyone, and welcome to Helping Sells Radio, a podcast about helping customers discover, adopt, and thrive using your software. In this inaugural episode of Helping Sells Radio, co-hosts Sarah E. Brown and Bill Cushard talk about what Helping Sells Radio is, why we are doing a podcast, and what listeners can expect in upcoming episodes.

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