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Senior Application Engineer at ServiceRocket, an Atlassian Platinum Partner

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The Safest Way To Inject CSS/HTML/Javascript to Confluence Pages

HTML Macros are disabled for a really good reason (i.e: Security issues like XSS). How then, do you safely inject HTML/CSS/Javascript to Confluence pages?
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Journey Through User Management: This Flag Changes Everything

Does the question "why isn't my LDAP membership synchronised?" sound familiar? If your answer is YES, then you have to take a look at how Foogie, one of our senior Atlassian consultants, manages one of the main factors affecting this.
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Renaming Users: How We Almost Broke Confluence and Jira

Everything was too good to be true, until we almost crashed Jira and Confluence... Read this blog to find out what just happened to us and how Foogie and the team managed it.
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Yes, you can Easily take your Atlassian Certification exam from home

Sometimes when having teams working remotely it's hard to find out wether if they can take their certifications from home or if they have to mobilize somewhere else, read this blog and find out the tips Foogie has for you and your team!
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How Jira REALLY Handles Incoming Mails (This will surprise you!)

Have you ever wondered how Jira handles emails? Foogie shows us in this blog, find out how the emails look like, the things that actually happen and the things that don't.
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How to Setup Atlassian Access And Integrate With Okta in Less Than 8 Minutes

Atlassian Access is a new Identity Management on Cloud released just recently. We at ServiceRocket, as Atlassian Platinum Partners, want to share you this step by step guide to get it done in just 8 minutes!
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