How to Secure (Almost) Anything in Confluence

Protect private data in Confluence. What to do with anything sensitive that might be shared in Confluence? Use the Security and Encryption Add-on to protect (almost) anything.
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Introducing a more collaborative support experience

We are introducing a few improvements to our ServiceRocket apps community. This enables us to provide you with a better, more collaborative support experience and keep delighting customers.
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Just Shipped! - The Scaffolding REST API

Today we’re announcing the general availability of REST API in Scaffolding - opening up new ways to integrate, scale, and automate your forms in Confluence.
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Google Apps Connector Add-On Simplifies Confluence Google Integration

The Google Apps Connector manages lower level functionality so users can focus on solving business challenges. Paired with Confluence and the Scaffolding/Reporting tools, the Google Apps Connector allows users to build bespoke Contact Management Systems (CMS) or even CRMs.
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4 Ways to Make Collaboration Efforts Succeed

A look at the common causes of why collaboration efforts are often unsuccessful.
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