The Anatomy of a Successful Workplace by Facebook Implementation

A successful Workplace by Facebook implementation requires deliberate care to overcome the inevitable obstacles that arise in any software deployment.
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Jira Service Desk is Not Just for Help Desks

JIRA Service Desk is quickly becoming a vital tool for providing better services and support to internal customers of any kind in your organization.
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Atlassian Summit Day 2 Recap: Software Teams Keynote

At the end of day 2 of the Atlassian Summit 2015, Eric Wittman, General Manager of Developer Tools at Atlassian delivered the Atlassian for Software Teams Keynote. Here is a collection of backchannel tweets to help tell the back story about what was announced in the keynote.
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What Do Coffee, A Barista And JIRA Have In Common?

One of ServiceRocket's global enterprise customers wanted to demonstrate to the business that Atlassian's JIRA could be used to address a wide range of needs not just for development teams but for broader business solutions.
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Geoffrey Moore: "When You Listen to Customers, They Just Spill All the Beans" [VIDEO]

Interview with Geoffrey Moore at ServiceRocket HQ in Palo Alto at our Under the Dome Series in which we talked about crossing the chasm as it relates to enterprise software deployment, adoption, and customer success.
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Overlooking This Investment Could Kill Your Software Implementation

In order to run a successful enterprise software implementation, organizations need to address end user support and training.
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