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Hacking the Future by Linda Sandvik - Monktoberfest

Linda started small by creating lesson plans to help kids learn the operate a computer and grew a nationwide network of after-school coding clubs.
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Telecommuting and the Importance of Face-to-Face Time by Adam Roben

Adam Roben doesn't enter the debate about which is better, working remotely or working in the office. Instead, Adam shares his insight on what matters.
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5 Factors That Limit Start-up Growth by Zack Urlocker

Most startups fail. In fact, 90% of new businesses fail. In his Monktoberfest 2013 talk, Zack Urlocker argues start-ups are attempting to scale too soon.
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Reconsidering Startups - Letter to a Young Programmer Considering a Startup

Reconsidering Startups - Letter to a Young Programmer Considering a Startup
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Marketing Your Tech Talent (your own or … )

Deirdré Straughan offers four compelling reasons for why technology companies should be marketing talent.
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Open Source Foundations in an Era of Kingmakers

With the heart of an optimist and the head of a bitter cynic, Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation, gave an irreverent talk.
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