Customers Win When You Connect Salesforce to JIRA and Confluence (Dreamforce Recap)

One of the legacy problems with enterprise software is that the design philosophy is to create silos and there is very little communication or sharing of data across silos. By connecting software tools together, in this case, Salesforce, JIRA, and Confluence, an organization can break down silos between teams, increase collaboration, and productivity. When this occurs, customer win because teams can more easily get work done for customers.
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Customer Success and the Salesforce Analytics Cloud - Dreamforce

A major theme at Dreamforce this year has been about helping customer’s succeed, and Salesforce is now touting itself as THE Customer Success Company
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What Does the Salesforce Analytics Cloud Mean for Customer Success?

What Does the Salesforce Analytics Cloud Mean for Customer Success?
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Connect and Atlassian at Dreamforce '14

In less than one month ServiceRocket will team up with Atlassian for one of the biggest business conferences in the world, brought together by Salesforce.
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