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The Power of Scaffolding's Live Templates in Atlassian Confluence

Live Templates in Confluence are dynamic templates you edit once, and the changes are reflected automatically across all pages that use the template.
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How to Use Reporting to Build a Confluence Discussion Forum

Use our Reporting add-on to turn a Confluence space into a discussion forum, something similar to forum software such as phpBB or vBulletin.
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JIRA Administration: Ordering Workflow Transition Buttons in JIRA

We often expect things to be in a certain order, and this can apply to our workflow transition buttons as well.
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JIRA Workflows eLearning Course - Notes from a Trainer

The JIRA Workflows Self-Paced eLearning course tackles the problem of how to set up JIRA for your own business processes.
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Revealing Workflow Transition Buttons in JIRA

JIRA Administrators: How to Make Workflow Transition Buttons More Accessible
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JIRA Administration: Create Issue Type Schemes in Atlassian JIRA

IT support desks, and even human resources departments, can use JIRA to manage all of their projects and produce a higher quality of work.
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