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How Docker Flipped the Software Training Classroom at Dockercon

How Docker Flipped the Software Training Classroom at Dockercon
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Sharpen Your Saw: 75% Off Self-Paced JIRA and Confluence Training

Sale on Atlassian eLearning through December. Normal price of $199.00 for a 3 hour self-paced, on-demand course on JIRA or Confluence discounted to $49.75!
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Boost Your Career: Learn Scrum and Kanban in JIRA Agile

A must-have skill in software development is understanding agile methodologies and using tools that apply those methods.
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Hacking the Future by Linda Sandvik - Monktoberfest

Linda started small by creating lesson plans to help kids learn the operate a computer and grew a nationwide network of after-school coding clubs.
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Couchbase Launched a Learning Management System in 19 days

Peter Childers' goal to launch Couchbase's learning services as soon as possible took a learning management system that understood the needs of software...
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Enterprise Software Training Series Part 3: You know your customers need training when...

Each enterprise software company is in a different stages of maturity and customer needs with different reasons for developing enterprise software training.
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