Sharpen Your Saw: 75% Off Self-Paced JIRA and Confluence Training

Posted by Bill Cushard on December 11, 2014

by Bill Cushard, (@BillCush)

There are many good things about the end of December that make it a perfect time to make time to do important things that you did not have time for during the year. One of those things is to sharpen your saw. Let's face it, for many of us, work tends to slow down during the end of December. Even people responsible for JIRA Administration support fewer people during this time of year because so many people are taking vacation.

If this is the case for you, why not take some of that time, when you have to be at work anyway, to sharpen your saw, and learn some new skills? You may have always wanted to learn JQL so you can pull data out of JIRA like a pro. Or maybe you need to administer a Confluence instance, but you never took the time to understand some of the key principles of Confluence Administration. Well, now is your chance. And I am going to make it easy for you.

Major Discount

Between now and the end of December, I am offering a 75% discount on any and all of our eLearning courses.

That's right!!

75% off.

So that means our normal price of $199.00 for a 3 hour self-paced, on-demand course on JIRA or Confluence will cost you $49.75...and you will have access to take the course as many times as you want, and for as long as you want. No expiration and no limitation on the number of times you can take it.

How can you pass this deal up?

If Not For You...Then What About Your Team?

I know. You may already be pretty good at both JIRA and Confluence. Perhaps you are a manager and do not dig down into the details of customizing workflows or setting up a JIRA Agile Scrum Board. You might not. But your team does. Why not use some of your budget before it goes away and purchase thousands of dollars of training for just hundreds, and help your team be productive during a slow time?

Trust me. People will appreciate you as a manager if you invest in them by providing learning opportunities that they use to build their skills.

Why Am I Offering This?

I am making this offer for three reasons.

Reason #1: I want as many people as possible to take these courses, so I can get feedback, and learn about any friction in the process of buying and taking these courses...that was not caught in testing. I want to use that information to improve our courses. So this is what we get out of it.

Reason #2: I am making a bet that if people take our eLearning courses, they will want to or need to take more training for themselves or for their team. I want to make the price low enough to test that bet.

Reason #3: I also want to delight our customers as much as I can, by making it easy to learn new technology skills during a traditionally slow time of year.

How Do I Take Advantage of This Offer?

OK, let's get to the point. To take advantage of this offer, simply use the discount code LEARN-JIRA at checkout to purchase as many of our self-paced eLearning courses as you want. Simple as that.

Unfortunately, this discount does not apply to our live courses. But trust me, the self-paced courses are based on the same content as our live courses, so you will hardly miss a thing. Plus, you can take the courses whenever you want. It's hard to beat that!

And to make it even easier on you, I have provided a list below of all of our self-paced, eLearning courses that are eligible for the discount. The 75% discount extends to all of the self-paced courses below. Just click on the link to each course, click the "Register" button, add them to your Shopping Cart, and add the discount code: LEARN-JIRA to get 75% off all of them.

List of Eligible Self-Paced Courses at 75% Off

If you have any questions, please send us a Tweet, or email us at

Share It

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Call for Comments

  1. What are you doing to sharpen your saw in the next four weeks?
  2. How do you make time to sharpen your saw?

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