Confluence Tips: Stop Re-Typing Content, Just Include It

What if you could write it once on a Confluence page and include that content automatically on another Confluence page? You can do this quite easily...
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Key Metrics of a Data-Driven Social Intranet

There are three main metrics that organizations should use to measure social intranets: usage, engagement, and quality metrics.
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Reconnecting the disconnected: Why it’s important to collaborate on one platform

With enterprise software companies offering multiple platforms for collaboration, your team can feel lost when navigating though the clutter. This blog provides helpful information on how to better integrate these systems so that you can work together harmoniously.
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Making Security in Confluence More Convenient with Security and Encryption

There are times where you may want to share private information on a Confluence page that you would want to keep secure and away from prying eyes.
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The Power of Scaffolding's Live Templates in Atlassian Confluence

Live Templates in Confluence are dynamic templates you edit once, and the changes are reflected automatically across all pages that use the template.
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Atlassian Confluence Administration eLearning Available Now

Want to learn how to administer an excellent Confluence instance, used to it's fullest intent, but don't have time or budget to attend a training course?
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