Suha Saya

Suha Saya currently helps develop content on the ServiceRocket team. She is also currently earning her degree in journalism at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, with a concentration in public relations and marketing. Suha specializes in writing about technology and business culture.

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3 Ways to Create a Knowledge-Sharing Network

Learn how to create a knowledge-sharing network using collaborative software tools.
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How to Efficiently Communicate in a Global Organization

Learn how to use collaboration tools effectively across your organization.
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3 Ways to Make Large Virtual Meetings More Collaborative

How to ensure that your virtual meeting are interactive, informative, and functional.
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4 Future of Work Trends Your Company Should Follow

A look at four crucial trends that can help your company survive in a constantly changing market.
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4 Ways to Make Collaboration Efforts Succeed

A look at the common causes of why collaboration efforts are often unsuccessful.
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3 Ways to Reinvent Your Company for the Future of Work

A look at how the internal strategy and culture of a company can improve its performance.
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