4 Future of Work Trends Your Company Should Follow

Posted by Suha Saya on July 22, 2015

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An entirely new culture of work — filled with collaborative mindsets and updated values — is being crafted for the future. In order to keep up with the ever-changing future of work, it's important to take advantage of the trends that currently shape it. In his video about the future of work, author Jacob Morgan advises companies to incorporate certain trends into their workflow.  

If you don't think you're in need of completely reinventing your company, keep a few of these tips in mind to simply follow new trends leading to such a collaborative, innovative culture.

1. Realize the growing concept of globalization 

Our world is becoming a place where work boundaries (almost) don't exist, and in order for your company to thrive, it's important to realize it. For your company, that means that it shouldn't matter what language you speak, the currency you use for transactions, where you are located or the culture you are a part of — you should be able to collaborate with anyone no matter where they are. If your company strives to be global, make sure your company is working to connect with coworkers and their projects around the world. 

2. Understand the importance of mobility 

Mobility is defined as accessing and connecting to work from anywhere. With the smartphone phenomenon, it's important to make sure your company platforms and applications are mobile-friendly, for anyone to use as a connection to people or technology from anywhere with a decent internet connection.

3. Adapt to new behaviors

New behaviors are developed over time, but that doesn't mean it's difficult to initiate the learning process. According to Jacob Morgan, new behaviors in your company consist of anything from real time feedback, communication, collaborate, teaching and education, etc. Make sure your company is jumping on the bandwagon of these new behaviors. Embrace the concept of sharing any project or assignment you're working on, and use your coworkers to improve it. When you do, you and your company will surely fulfill the epitome of the future of work.

4. Keeping technology updated

Without advancements in technology, your company will lose opportunities to jump ahead. There's no need to revamp all your systems, but it is important to make sure the technology you're using handles big data, encourages the use of collaborative platforms, enables an easier way to communicate, and makes getting the job done as efficient as possible. 

Wherever your company stands, there's no need to remain obsolete in a transforming future — embrace the change and prepare for the future of work by embracing these trends. 

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