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Communicate better: Only 14% of your employees understand your company strategy

Posted by Bill Cushard on Nov 17, 2016 12:49:31 PM

Communicating important messages and inspiring people into coordinated action is a major challenge for executives. Imagine the nightmare scenario in which most employees do not know the mission of the company and do not understand what they should be doing to help the company achieve its goals. There are not many issues that keep executives up at night more than that? 

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Does Your Executive Team Have A Communications Dashboard in Confluence?

Posted by Bill Cushard on Oct 26, 2015 3:38:14 PM

Executive teams in any business care about the numbers and growing the business. We all know this. Some of us have even read Ram Charan's book, What the CEO Wants You to Know, which explains five business drivers that CEOs want everyone in the business to understand. These are a top priority in any business. A close second in priority is communication because the only way an executive team can get everyone in an organization to understand the key drivers of the business is through effective communication.

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4 Ways to Make Collaboration Efforts Succeed

Posted by Suha Saya on Jul 14, 2015 4:54:47 PM

True collaboration begins when tools are synced with culture. However, it isn't so easy to immediately switch into a collaborative mindset. While employees might have an enterprise social network and other tools to "collaborate," it's difficult to execute proper strategies that will eventually lead to success. In fact, according to an article on CMSWire77 percent of employees never use their enterprise social network, and only 3 percent use it once each day. 

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