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Ted Mahsun

Ted is a product specialist at ServiceRocket. When he's not stringing sentences together, he spends his free time reading space operas or playing really old Nintendo games.

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How to moderate content in just one glance with Confluence

Combine the macros made available by Scaffolding, Reporting and Linking add-ons by ServiceRocket in order to build a one-stop Content Moderator Dashboard. Content can get out of control easily. Moderate it directly in on one centralized page in Confluence.
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How to easily manage passwords stored across multiple spaces in Confluence

Easily build a “Password Manager” page that gathers together passwords stored on different pages across multiple Confluence spaces in one easily accessible and convenient location.
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How to help your users discover content in Confluence

Explore the new Pathways for Learndot macro and easily discover the various pathways that reside in your Confluence. The easier the ability to see all available pathways, the less friction there is within your organization to communicate and collaborate between your Confluence users.
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Making Security in Confluence More Convenient with Security and Encryption

There are times where you may want to share private information on a Confluence page that you would want to keep secure and away from prying eyes.
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The Power of Scaffolding's Live Templates in Atlassian Confluence

Live Templates in Confluence are dynamic templates you edit once, and the changes are reflected automatically across all pages that use the template.
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How to Use Reporting to Build a Confluence Discussion Forum

Use our Reporting add-on to turn a Confluence space into a discussion forum, something similar to forum software such as phpBB or vBulletin.
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