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Posted by Ted Mahsun on April 11, 2018

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Confluence works as a great repository for your content. It’s easy to create guides and tutorial documents, and when you add new hires to your organization or onboard a new member to your project, it’s simply a matter of pointing them to the related article in Confluence.

But that’s assuming you can find those guides and tutorials in the first place! As your organization’s use of Confluence grows, so does your content. And pretty soon locating the specific guide you want to access becomes a major pain.

With that in mind, we are on a mission to provide tools for you to get your content seen and used. We've added a new macro called Pathways to our Learndot Pathways add-on. Your users can easily see what currently available pathways there are in their Confluence.

The easier the ability to see all available pathways, the less friction there is within your organization to communicate and collaborate between your Confluence users, and the easier it is for them to access the specific guide they are looking for without wasting countless hours searching for it.

2018 ATL Blog: Pathways Macro 2


By creating a Pathways macro, you are able to list any or all pathways that have been created in your Confluence. You can also customize to sort these pathways by title as well as by Confluence space. The generated list of pathways will also show who is currently enrolled and even allow other users to enroll or even to continue a pathway that they were already enrolled in. If you’re interested in learning more about the Pathways macro, explore our documentation page.

2018 ATL Blog: Pathways Macro 1

 Discovering the various pathways that reside in your Confluence has never been easier and is just a matter of adding one simple macro.

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What is Learndot Pathways?

Admins can easily link and sequence content residing in one or more Confluence spaces into something we call “pathways”. It groups important information in step-by-step tutorial-like structures for users enrolled in that pathway.


*The new Pathways macro is only available with Learndot Pathways Pro.

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