What Do Coffee, A Barista And JIRA Have In Common?

Posted by Ray Bradbery on October 23, 2015

This is a strange question, I know as there doesn't seem to a link between the three. But let's set the scene. In my previous working life I was head of an IT Strategy Group for a large multinational Bank. The exciting part of my job was trying to find technologies that helped solve business challenges, or finding new and innovative ways to use existing technologies to solve business needs that the technologies were not designed for. 


It is still that passion for innovation that makes my role at ServiceRocket so exciting, I get to work with a vast array of enterprises to help them use the Atlassian technologies to solve their challenges. So that brings us back to the question: "What do coffee, a barista and JIRA have in common?"

One of our global enterprise customers wanted to demonstrate to the business that Atlassian's JIRA could be used to address a wide range of needs not just for development teams but for broader business solutions. To demonstrate the functionality of JIRA he picked a highly visible challenge to address.

His company has an in-house Barista who works several hours a day making coffee for staff. The challenge was that at times there would be long queues waiting to order and collect coffees. This is where JIRA came into the picture. The solution was to develop a JIRA workflow that would be accessed through the company portal. While sitting at their desks employees place their coffee orders. The orders get routed to an iPad at the Barista's Espresso Machine. The Barista then processes the coffee order using an Agile Board. Once the order is competed the orderer gets a notification to come and collect the coffee.

The solution was developed very rapidly using JIRA's standard features, it reduces queuing times at the Espresso machine thereby improving productivity and demonstrating that JIRA is not just for development teams. It was such a great idea that ServiceRocket is going to use it for our own in-house coffee shop "The Rocketeria."

Speaking of getting the most out of JIRA, if your company runs JIRA, you may be asking yourself, "Are we getting the most out of our investment?" This could be about understanding benchmark data and how your implementation compares, whether your JIRA instance is optimized for performance, or whether you are using JIRA to its fullest possibility. If you have these questions, consider ServiceRocket's TrustedAdvisor product for the Atlassian Suite.

TrustedAdvisor is more than just a check up. It is a prescription for long-term system health, optimization, and high performance.

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