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Posted by Dan Luebke on January 13, 2014

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The Power of Community Support

praiseWe at ServiceRocket list delighting the customer as one of our core values. However it also gives us a lot of joy when other users solve problems together. That's exactly what happens in our community support center every day.

The ServiceRocket community support portal is powered by GetSatisfaction. Inside, you'll find everything from common problems on setup to new ideas for plugin functionality to praise for new features or improvements. As a whole, users have free access to a collective knowledge bank that surpasses any FAQ or Q&A on a standard support outlet.

If you use a ServiceRocket plugin or add-on, we hope you find our community support useful and fulfilling. If you have an idea to improve our support, documentation or any one of our products we'd love to hear from you. Share it here.


Visit ServiceRocket Community Support


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Visit ServiceRocket Community Support

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