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Posted by Suha Saya on June 30, 2015

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by Suha Saya (@suhasaya)

The cry for help: How to better your system of service

As an employee, you've been trying to get in touch with human resources about the mistake you realized you made on your last timesheet, but because of the anonymous response system that you are forced to confront, you know you won’t be getting an answer any time soon. You contact the anonymous human resources email address anyway in hopes that someone will notice your cry for help.

Your requests seem to be drowning in a black hole.

The human resources department wants to help you. They are service-oriented, but they are swamped with employee requests, like many other departments in your company, and they do not have the tools or processes for receiving, tracking, communicating, and resolving all these requests in an organized and accountable way.

Facing the problem

Companies may think that as long as an employee sends a request in, and is able to eventually get an answer, everything is OK. However, the question of who is actually answering these emails sent to anonymous addresses like causes elongated wait times for responses and additional confusion. When an email response system isn't personable, it fails to deliver the service it is initially there for — helping.

The solution

There's a simple solution — JIRA Service Desk.

JIRA Service Desk provides departments like human resources, facilities, legal, and of course IT support help desks with a tool to receive, track, communicate, and resolve employee requests in a transparent and accountable way. JIRA Service Desk can also integrate with a knowledge base of help articles and procedures so employees can find help without the need to put in a request.

Not only does a JIRA Service Desk portal direct people to the right resources efficiently, it also provides your company with insights into the number of requests created and resolve, how long it takes to resolve requests, what requests types are being made, among others, so that you have visibility into the service issues your employees have. With these insights, you can make data-driven decisions to improve internal service in your organization.

Service desk technology has traditionally been reserved for IT help desks. But JIRA Service Desk is not limited to IT.

The employee service solution for all departments

JIRA Service Desk can be used by any department and as a resource to anyone simply in search of the right answers in an efficient amount of time. The search feature in JIRA Service Desk allows your company to use this for any team that provides service to employees. With JIRA Service Desk, a number of companies — ranging from retail to banking to software — can organize, count and evaluate the needs of internal service for employees.

Spreading the knowledge for self help

Under an email response system, centralizing your knowledge base can be a difficult task. The population of people obtaining and receiving knowledge is certainly limited when individual emails are sent to each employee. With JIRA Service Desk, self-service becomes easily doable, as does helping multiple employees at once. When all knowledge is created and curated into articles that can be searched on an employee's own time, what used to be known as an employee asking and waiting for answers becomes known as an employee searching and finding answers. In fact, 91% of customers say they prefer self-service if it were available and tailored to their needs.

Self-service resolves the issue of unorganized communication with anonymous email addresses. When self-service is still not sufficient enough for employees, JIRA Service Desk provides your employees with the opportunity to fill out a form in order to solve issues in more detail. Each form is customizable to what help your company would like to offer employees, and is tailored in a way that highlights employees' specific requests immediately, without additional information or contact needed.

With an easily accessible knowledge base, organized and catered to specific search engine requests, your company is sure to prosper in its business performance. Structure your team with JIRA Service Desk, and provide a portal to the people who need it.

Call for Comments

  1. Have you noticed people at your company struggling to find simple answers?
  2. Do you actually believe general email addresses are doing the best job in terms of service?
  3. How does your company currently deal with service when needed?

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