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How to Secure (Almost) Anything in Confluence

Protect private data in Confluence. What to do with anything sensitive that might be shared in Confluence? Use the Security and Encryption Add-on to protect (almost) anything.
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How to easily manage passwords stored across multiple spaces in Confluence

Easily build a “Password Manager” page that gathers together passwords stored on different pages across multiple Confluence spaces in one easily accessible and convenient location.
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Teams Collaborate in Workplace and Get Work Done in Jira. It's Time to Connect Them.

Now there’s a way to increase transparency and visibility between your Workplace and Jira users while reducing information overload.
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Simplify your SCORM-based Training and Learning by Housing It in Confluence

A lightweight Confluence add-on that makes it easy to upload, deliver and track instruction and education, without the burdens of an LMS.
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Design More Compelling Confluence Pages with Composition Tabs

With Composition Tabs for Confluence you can use powerful macros to make content on one page visually appealing to multiple readers and increase its consumption.
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Seamlessly Align your Cross-Functional Workflows with Connector for Salesforce & Jira

Effective cross-functional workflows require access to real-time information. That’s why we created Connector for Salesforce & Jira to give your teams a shared perspective of customer workflows.
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