Shared Services Teams Need Jira Service Desk to Make and Keep Promises

Teams, like HR, Facilities, Legal, that offer services to employees can finally realize the full potential of a shared services model with Jira Service Desk
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Connecting enterprise applications with Jira Service Desk

Here are a few Jira and Service Desk enterprise integration options which add a new dimension to work management.
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Jira Service Desk: Agile and Cost Effective Disruption

Why is Jira Service Desk expanding beyond IT teams? It's cost effective and works for teams in HR, finance, legal, marketing and more.
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How to avoid the business risk of depending on spreadsheets for project management

Using a modern application JIRA Service Desk is a structured and collaborative way to manage projects and track changes.
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Why email should not be used for work management

Over use of email places a heavy burden on staff that modern applications featuring workflow management can solve.
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5 Reasons Business Leaders Must Look at Modern Work Management Software

In this blog, we look at five reasons why using modern work management software makes good business sense.
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