Partner Zendesk makes beautiful updates to their platform

Posted by admin on September 28, 2012

San Francisco-based Zendesk is garnering plenty of attention after a recent update and overhaul to their popular integrated on-demand customer service software. As one of CustomWare's leading partners, we're excited about the fantastic changes brought to this trusted customer support portal.

Zendesk users, as well as those looking to direct higher-quality customer support, will be particularly excited by the recent interface updates within the product. Known simply as the new Zendesk, the changes mean a faster and more elegant experience within the agent interface.

We love the structural changes Zendesk has made, as well as many of the new features they've rolled out. A quick list includes the tabbed interface (which opens on-click with each ticket), the new sidebar (where you can access your views, search, the Reporting dashboard, and much more) and many other efficiency improvements like keyboard shortcuts, hover navigation and quick toggling between tickets assigned to you and those assigned to other agents in the groups to which you belong.

the new zendesk lotus

Adopting the new Zendesk can be quick and painless, as well as getting started with the product anew. Simply by signing into your Zendesk account and following Settings > Agents > Show the new Zendesk option you can leave the classic interface.

Zendesk users making the switch from classic should note that custom widgets will need to be reviewed and potentially rebuilt as part of a migration. CustomWare has industry-shaping experience with this process as well as a wealth of Zendesk and migration experts who can make your transition seamless. CustomWare can also provide the knowhow for any company's initial Zendesk rollout. Learn more about CustomWare's expansive support for Zendesk.

Interested in improving your expertise with the Zendesk product? Consider enrolling in one of our instrutor-led Zendesk training courses online. Check out the upcoming months' schedule below. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Zendesk training schedule dates fall 2012

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