Security and Encryption Plugin for Confluence - available now!

Posted by Dan Luebke on November 04, 2012

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Happy users of Confluence, including many of the world's largest companies and organizations, have come to rely on storing and accessing a wide variety of content from within the software. While Confluence is a remarkable tool for easy sharing and collaboration, for many users it is becoming increasingly important to protect and manage the content available within their Confluence instance. So how can users and administrators ensure their content is only being accessed by the intended persons or groups?

CustomWare's latest re-released product, Security and Encryption Plugin for Confluence, can provide just the comfort many of today's Confluence users require.

The plugin, formerly know as the "Vault" add-on, includes macros which enable the storage of content only viewable by specific users and/or groups. Content can also be stored in an encrypted format that requires a PGP key for decryption and access.

Confluence users will find the plugin useful for:

  • storing login passwords for other programs/software/accounts
  • storing and presenting sensitive data that should only be accessible to or can be viewed by specific individuals and/or groups
  • making information accessible through password-protection

We hope you're excited about this release and the new capabilities the add-on can bring to your Confluence.

To order the product for immediate download, visit our website. CustomWare is also an industry-leader on a wide-variety of other Confluence plugins.

Protecting sensitive information within Confluence has never been easier!

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