Interview with Nir Eyal and Bill Cushard: Applying Behavioral Design Theory To Enterprise Software

Posted by Sarah E. Brown on June 09, 2015

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by Sarah E. Brown (@SEBMarketing)

Today's leading software companies are leveraging behavior design to apply psychology to enterprise software training. Nir Eyal, author of the book Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products and ServiceRocket's Head of Training Bill Cushard discussed how behavior psychology relates to Customer Success and how companies can apply psychology to enterprise software training.

Topics covered:

  • Key lessons in behavior psychology that can be applied to software training.
  • How to design more engaging enterprise software and training.
  • The biggest mistakes that enterprise companies make in trying to hook their customers
  • Tips for hacking customer behavior to increase software adoption.

...and much more.

Click the link below to listen or download:

Read the full interview transcript on the Learndot blog.

Topics: Training is Customer Success, Enterprise Software Training Series

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