3 ways Atlassian Data Center will make your company more productive

Posted by Julia Borgini on December 20, 2018


Companies are always looking for an edge on their competition, to outwit, outlast, and outsell the market. So they come up with newer and better products. But what if there was a way to transform themselves instead of their products and jump ahead of the competition?

By levelling up their tech stack and architecture, they’ll set up their employees (and by extension, their company) for the best possible future. Employees will be more productive across the board because the technology they use every day is performing at its highest level. They can concentrate on what they do best because everything around them runs so smoothly.

This is why many Atlassian-based companies are switching over to Atlassian Data Center (DC) to manage their network architecture. Here are three ways Data Center can make your company more productive and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Manage user expectations more efficiently

Today’s employee demands their business software be available all the time and perform at the level they need to do their job. Downtime and slowdowns are unacceptable and costly. Some reports say each minute of downtime costs companies $5,600, meaning every hour costs them nearly $350,000 (and those numbers are from a few years ago — imagine what they are today!)

Companies using single servers in their network architecture face a significant financial risk whenever server loads increase dramatically, network traffic increases, applications run data-intensive jobs, or even for routine maintenance like patching and version upgrading. Atlassian Data Center removes this risk with multiple node load balancing and dedicated bandwidth priorities. Upgrades and network changes can be done with little to no downtime for the network, allowing employees to continue to work normally.

Deal with data increases faster

IoT. Smart systems. Wearable technology. The amount of data that’s being generated today is incredible. Companies are starting to deploy more of this technology within their corporate ecosystem, meaning their network is ingesting even more data than ever before. And that’s not even considering companies who are adding more employees due to regular business growth.

Single server architectures typically can only ingest a fixed amount of data or bandwidth since it runs on a single machine. These constraints are a liability for applications (or organizations) intended to scale. Atlassian Data Center increases the amount of data the system can ingest, process, and manage through horizontal scaling of nodes and traffic management. Organizations can add users, employees, applications, hardware, or data at any rate they like with Data Center since the system can handle it while maintaining availability and performance rates of the system.

Make admins more efficient

The demands on IT admins grows at the same rate as their systems do, leading to overworked admins, decreased system maintenance, and a severe lack of visibility into the network architecture as a whole. Managing uptime and assuring network connectivity are the top two concerns for networking pros, according to IDG, and Atlassian Data Center is an essential tool for this.

Data Center lets admins do software upgrades in a rolling fashion across nodes, avoiding downtime for users. Software usage is either handled by a different node during this time, providing a seamless experience to users, or, as in the case of Confluence, is put into read-only mode. Confluence is still available to users, but cannot be modified during the upgrade time. 

Charting a path to higher productivity with Atlassian Data Center

In the ever-increasing business world, companies need every advantage they can get to stay competitive. Employee productivity takes a hit every time there’s an outage, whether it’s in the software they use or the underlying infrastructure that supports their work. Single server systems are often unable to meet the needs of modern applications. Moving to Atlassian Data Center can alleviate the constraints companies feel, leaving them free to operate more efficiently and effectively. Employees will be more productive and drive business growth more smoothly, leaving the company’s competition in the dust.

To learn how Atlassian Data Center can help your organization scale more efficiently and increase employee productivity, listen to our webinar hosted by Ben King, Solutions Engineer for Atlassian and Greg Warner, a data center expert with Lab126.

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