Git for the Enterprise: Why to Implement with Atlassian Stash

Posted by Bill Cushard on March 19, 2014

by Andrew Ardill (@AndrewArdill)
and Matt Doar (@mdoar)
and Bill Cushard (@BillCush)

Git for the Enterprise is Best Implemented with Atlassian's Stash

The internet has changed the world. It's hard to remember a time when computing wasn't intrinsically linked to the ability to communicate ideas to anyone in the world, any time of the day, from (almost) anywhere. Yes, the world has changed. This is especially true for how software developers work and the tools developers use. For the developer, one of the most important tools is a version control system (VCS) like Git, and Stash from Atlassian is an excellent tool for implementing Git for the enterprise.

Git is a version control system (VCS) designed for today's connected world. Git's design embraces the distributed nature of the internet, and in doing so provides more power and flexibility than any VCS before it. As enterprises become ever more dispersed across the globe, they must find ways to collaborate effectively. Stash is a way to take advantage of this distributed nature.

Get Git with Stash

git for the enterprise with atlassian stashIf you work in a large enterprise you are likely heavily invested in a particular technology stack and use a centralized version control system. It can be difficult to imagine switching to a distributed version control system like Git. On the other hand, you recognize that as your enterprise becomes more distributed you need a version control system that will support a high level of security, will work with your stack, and provide the benefits of distributed collaboration.

This is where Stash comes in.

enterprise distributed version control software development
Atlassian Stash is a repository management system that allows you to host your Git repositories, manage permissions and collaborate using pull requests. Stash is designed specifically to run behind-the-firewall, integrate with your existing technology stack and can be configured to work with your existing workflows. Stash enables you to run Git and take advantage of the distributed nature of the internet and of your development team, while working within your existing technology environment.

Who Uses Stash? You Might Be Surprised

You might still not be convinced developing with Stash is the right way to implement Git. That is understandable. But there are many enterprises that are adopting Git using Stash that are not necessarily Silicon Valley startups with small teams, no legacy systems, and little need for firewalls. Below are three examples of enterprise-level organizations that have adopted Git with Stash.

rakuten_logo_neutral1Rakuten: Rakuten is Japan's largest online marketplace. They reduced agile development time by integrating JIRA, Stash, and Confluence. By integrating all three of these tools they not only adopted Git, but both technical and non-technical stakeholders have access to the work being done on each other's projects, increasing clarity of requirements and project transparency.

orbitzOrbitz: Orbitz didn't just sign up for Stash. It migrated to Git using Stash, which was critical as their teams became more distributed. Stash was an important way for Orbitz to implement Git because it is a behind-the-firewall Git repository solution.

nasa logo git for the enterprise atlassian stashNASA's Ames Research Center: The most amazing part of NASA adopting Git with Stash is that the Atlassian products worked for NASA right out of the box. Little customization was necessary, which is amazing considering what you'd expect of the technical nature of NASA's tool requirements. Revision control and source code management doesn't get much more distributed than the entire universe.

Get Git Right - Free Stash Webinar

git for enterprise with Stash

We'll be at Atlassian's Getting Git Right event in San Francisco on March 20. If you will be there come and say "hello". If you cannot make the event but still want to learn about Git and Stash? Join our free training session on March 24. You'll need the following coupon code: 3B20-4DE2-9E2D
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