3 Ways MuleSoft is Delivering a Best-in-Class Enterprise Software Training Business

Posted by Bill Cushard on July 21, 2014

by Bill Cushard (@BillCush)

Customer training is an especially important function for an enterprise software company when it targets large organizations and if the product requires some technical proficiency. These two conditions certainly apply for MuleSoft. For starters, 45% of the Global 500 uses MuleSoft's solutions. Everyday large enterprises are coming to MuleSoft for help with connecting applications, data, and services. In terms of complexity, it can be challenging to connect enterprise applications and systems, both on-premises and in the cloud. When it comes to helping large enterprises solve this complex problem, a robust training business is a necessary condition.

Richard Huie-Buckius, Head of Training & Certification at MuleSoft is taking on this challenge. According to Huie-Buckius, MuleSoft has set a strategic vision to build a best-in-class training business, based on three aspirations:

1. Offer multi-modal learning

Multimodality uses a "mixture of textual, audio, and visual modes in combination with media and materiality" to create learning content. MuleSoft is developing a variety of learning options for their customers that includes live training, self-paced eLearning, social learning, and other learning support resources.

2. Build a unified learning platform

MuleSoft uses our learning management system (LMS), TrainingRocket, to provide students with access to all the types of learning resources mentioned above without the burden of having to know what resources are located where or to have multiple logins.

3. Leverage training portfolio to enable product sales:

MuleSoft believes that product training is a key enabler of user adoption, which will lead to further product use, increased subscription renewal rates, and new sales opportunities.

Here are some of the results that MuleSoft has realized so far in their quest to build a best-in-class training business. First, MuleSoft has eliminated multiple other systems and consolidated its training management to TrainingRocket. Second, MuleSoft as leveraged free training offers to generate new leads for the sales team. Third, student feedback on the multi-modal learning methods that MuleSoft offers has been extremely positive.

At ServiceRocket, we love training and are excited to help MuleSoft achieve its goal of providing a best-in-class training function.

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