Taking the Training Wheels Off With Insights: GoodData and ServiceRocket’s Partnership

Posted by Guest Author on April 13, 2015

gooddata expands trainingrocket reporting and analyticsby Ray Light (@bigrayl), Director of Training (GoodData)

There’s a famous saying that a tool is only as good as its user. That’s why, at GoodData, we’ve made it a priority to provide our customers with best practices and training on how to effectively use our solution--so they can quickly get the insights they need to drive their business forward.

As the Director of Training at GoodData, I manage GoodData University, where for some time we’ve leveraged ServiceRocket’s TrainingRocket platform to deliver our learning materials--manually measuring the performance of our efforts within our own product--GoodData’s Open Analytics Platform. The combination of ServiceRocket’s training capabilities and our insights has helped us develop a fully-optimized program that serves as a sort of special sauce--significantly increasing customer adoption and satisfaction (important KPIs for any XaaS provider).

That’s why I’m excited to announce that ServiceRocket is now integrating GoodData’s Insights as a Service solution directly into their TrainingRocket platform--offering their full client base access to the same special sauce that’s helped our own training org to exceed its goals and customer expectations. At GoodData, we use TrainingRocket across the entire customer lifecycle, and we are excited about this new integration to help across all areas:


Business intelligence is difficult. All the different technologies involved from data warehousing, ETL, analytics, etc. can be daunting. navigating the BI stack is extremely confusing, and most customers' area of expertise is likely not analytics and BI. At GoodData, we try to make this as easy for customers as possible, but making things easy takes work!

We like to start training as soon as a customer comes to board to help them navigate this often-confusing landscape. With this integration, I am excited about a creating a strong onboarding process where we combine data about newly acquired customers and map them to an appropriate training curriculum. It is important for us to begin this process early to ensure implementation is successful, but to also show our commitment to being not just an analytics provider, but a partner in the customer's success.

Customer Retention

As a subscription-based company, we need to always be proving our value to customers. It's essential for us that our customers are successful and getting maximum value from the GoodData platform. Using our product data, we are able to see usage by customer and track adoption. We can map this adoption to the type and amount of training a customer has received. This integration allows us to get out ahead of the curve and recommend training where needed to maximize effective use of our platform so there are no surprises at renewal time.


Lastly, we use this integration to help our support team. Our support agents and ticketing system are extremely valuable pieces of information which tell us *what* problems people are experiencing and *who* is experiencing them. By combining training data with support data, we can see what areas people have been trained and if the training was effective. We can recommend refresher training or more advanced training based on the difficulties customers are having. Additionally, it is extremely helpful to see who is having recurring difficulties. It's not uncommon to see more employees at the customer organization begin using our platform, and they may not have had the training that their colleagues had. Combining these pieces of information allow us to proactively ensure that our customers are trained, and also help ease the burden on support.

Uniting ServiceRocket and GoodData’s capabilities gives businesses the confidence and insights they need to take the training wheels off their learning programs--driving organizational success with better trained employees. We couldn’t be happier to be ServiceRocket’s embedded analytics partner--providing Insights-as-a-Service to their customers.

To learn more about how you can embed GoodData within your own product--read our Ultimate Guide to Embedded Analytics.


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