Tracking Workplace Adoption Just Got Easier -- and More Visual

Posted by Peter John Marquez on March 02, 2017

form.pngSmart companies connect, communicate and collaborate with Workplace by Facebook. The popular platform is changing how businesses get things done -- in the office and in the field.

Wherever your people work, mapping your organization just got easier with Org Chart for Workplace. Org Chart is an add-on by ServiceRocket that automatically draws a structured and dynamic real-time visualization of your workforce based on Workplace user information.

Org Chart is a free tool that visually documents relationships, defines teams and navigates your organization’s implementation of Workplace. The add-on enables you to automatically identify orphans -- users who haven’t completed their profiles and linked to a manager.  These capabilities allow leaders and admins to locate stragglers and take action to improve Workplace adoption quickly.

Org Chart provides:

  1. Greater organizational visibility
  2. Automatic orphan discovery
  3. Improved Workplace adoption

This free Workplace add-on is available via the ServiceRocket Add-on Manager, a one-stop shop for Workplace training, implementation and powerful add-ons like Org Chart. ServiceRocket is a leader in software adoption. Its innovative learning programs, experts, and technologies improve Workplace productivity by targeting specific roles, including: admins, managers, and senior leadership.  Visit the ServiceRocket Add-on Manager to explore software adoption utilities and learn how they can help you get more out of Workplace.

Org Chart for Workplace takes the guesswork out of tracking your company’s adoption of Workplace and provides users with a clear sense of where they and their team fit in your organization.  Whether you manage a team of 60 or 60,000, a dynamic, up-to-date Org Chart makes it easier to connect, communicate and collaborate in Workplace.


Learn more about Org Chart in the Add-on Manager and see what your Org Chart looks like today.

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