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Gretchen Pawloski with Connie Blaszczyk

Product Marketing Management Team - ServiceRocket Apps

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Automation and Integration Are Key to Simplifying Remote Attendance

Attendance Taker for Classroom simplifies taking and reporting remote attendance using automation and integration with Google Classroom data.
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Turn Your Confluence Content into Easily Accessible, Structured Data

Scaffolding Forms and Templates structures Confluence content and turns it into actionable data.
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Regain Trust in the Accuracy of Your Confluence Pages. Here's How.

Page Approval for Confluence simplifies the collaborative content creation process from beginning-to-end by adding reviews & approvals to Confluence pages
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Teams Collaborate in Workplace and Get Work Done in Jira. It's Time to Connect Them.

Now there’s a way to increase transparency and visibility between your Workplace and Jira users while reducing information overload.
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Simplify your SCORM-based Training and Learning by Housing It in Confluence

A lightweight Confluence add-on that makes it easy to upload, deliver and track instruction and education, without the burdens of an LMS.
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Design More Compelling Confluence Pages with Composition Tabs

With Composition Tabs for Confluence you can use powerful macros to make content on one page visually appealing to multiple readers and increase its consumption.
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